What Does All Over The Country Mean?

What is the similar meaning of high?

adj.tall; at a great distance aloft.



adj.very happy.

adj.intoxicated, drugged..

What do you call someone who lives in a country?

citizen. noun. someone who has the right to live permanently in a particular country and has the right to the legal and social benefits of that country as well as legal obligations towards it.

Where do we use across?

We use across as a preposition (prep) and an adverb (adv). Across means on the other side of something, or from one side to the other of something which has sides or limits such as a city, road or river: We took a boat [PREP]across the river. [PREP]Across the room, she could see some old friends.

What kind of word is high?

adjective, high·er, high·est. having a great or considerable extent or reach upward or vertically; lofty; tall:a high wall.

What is another word for across?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for across, like: beyond, crosswise, over, opposite, to the opposite side of, sweeping, over against, transversely, altogether, contrariwise and in-front-of.

What’s clingy?

What does clingy mean? A person who is overly attached to or emotionally dependent on another person can be described as clingy.

What is the meaning of all over the world?

all over the world: everywhere on earth, in every corner of the globe. Delavigne Perfumes are known all over the world, and can be bought in more than 80 countries.

What do you call someone without a country?

other words for person without country expatriate. fugitive. refugee. deportee. outcast.

How do you spell across the street?

: on or to the other side of the street directly across from something They live across the street (from us).

What is a high high?

: higher than the normal high.

What do you call the people of a nation?

city – citizens, state – people or Alaskan, Hawaiian, etc, nation – nation/people, members for institution or organization – user140086 Oct 4 ’15 at 12:09. 2.

What does all over mean?

Definition of all over (Entry 4 of 4) 1 informal : in eagerly affectionate, attentive, or aggressive pursuit of (someone or something) the band’s fans were all over them. 2 informal : very critical of (someone) in usually an angry or unreasonable way the press was all over the coach after the loss.

What does across the US mean?

nationally, nationwide, across the nation, across the country(adverb) extending throughout an entire nation. “nationally advertised”; “it was broadcast nationwide”

What do you call a person who lives in the woods?

A man who works or lives in the woods or is versed in woodcraft; a forester. Short for Thar’s backwoodsman. (We call them cottagers. )

What is the meaning of over me?

1. Having accepted, moved on from, or come to terms with something, especially a romantic relationship, that has failed or ended badly. John and Amy broke up nearly a month ago, but I don’t think he’s over her yet. Failing my driving test like that really bummed me out, but I’m over it now. 2.

What does all over again mean?

phrase. If you say that something is happening all over again, you are emphasizing that it is happening again, and you are suggesting that it is tiring, boring, or unpleasant. [emphasis] The whole process started all over again.

What does all over me mean?

1. being “all over” someone usually means that you like them a lot and/or that you are being clingy with them.

What is the meaning of high?

Adjective. high, tall, and lofty mean above the usual level in height. high is used of height that is measured from the ground or some other standard. A high fence surrounds the yard. tall is used of something that is considered high when compared to others of the same kind.