Quick Answer: Who Died In Turn To Die?

Is your turn to die inspired by Danganronpa?

Your Turn To Die is more of a horror then Danganronpa.

There is a lot of death, like the Danganronpa series, but due to the roles in the game, such as the Keymaster or Sacrifice, and the voting system, who is going to die next isn’t as easily solved..

How many chapters are there in your turn to die?

three chaptersIt has attracted a large no. of players throughout the globe making it a part of the most downloaded games. A total of three chapters of this game has released till now and each chapter consists of two parts. It is available for Browser, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux users but not for android and iOS users.

Is YTTD an anime?

The World Ends With You anime project was announced in early July 2020 during a digital FunimationCon 2020 event, and while we don’t know that much just yet, the anime will share the same art style that has made the game so beloved. Here’s everything else we know about The World Ends With You: The Animation.

Does gin die in your turn to die?

Gin is able to survive the venom regardless, thanks to Q-taro pressing the switch and/only Keiji retrieving an antidote from the Medical Office. Gin survives either way, but Reko or Alice’s life is lost.

When did your turn to die come out?

With permission, it’s been translated into English by vgperson as Your Turn to Die -Death Game By Majority-. Chapter installments of the game have been released in two parts. Chapter 1, Part 1 was first released on August 28, 2017 with the latest installment, Chapter 3, Part 1, to be released on February 25, 2020.

Who is the sage in your turn to die?

Kai is revealed to be the Sage, from the fact that the Sage can’t lie about the figure on the Keymaster card, which both Joe and Kanna said the Keymaster has a figure of the key and a lock, revealing the identity of Kai’s card as the Sage.

Where can I play your turn to die?

Your Turn To Die is one of many Horror Games to play online on your web browser for free at KBH Games. Tagged as Adventure Games, Horror Games, and Interactive fiction Games.

Who dies first in your turn die?

The first Main Game was hosted by Sue Miley and played with 11 participants, 5 of whom were voted for in the preliminary round. In the end, Joe Tazuna and Kai Satou were chosen to die with Joe being the Sacrifice and Kai receiving the majority of the votes.

How long does it take to play your turn to die?

All StylesSingle-PlayerPolledMedianMain Story1412h 06mMain + Extras612h 50mCompletionists213h 55mAll PlayStyles2212h 11m

How do you save Alice your turn to die?

Alice’s fate in the second chapter is up to Sara’s choices. If Sara chooses to kill the fake Reko in the Subgame, Alice will be killed by the fake Reko’s head exploding in his arms in the Room of Lies. If the fake Reko is not killed, Alice will survive but both Rekos will die.

Does your turn to die have multiple endings?

Multiple Endings: Various Bad Endings can be reached, such as by failing certain mini games. In other cases, Sara’s decisions at key points can result in different survivors making it past that point. So far, Alice/Reko and Sou/Kanna are connected to one another.

How old is your die die?

Thus, the events of the Death Game must start between Gin’s birthday on March 13th but before entering his first year of middle school in April. Kanna is 13-14 because she’s in middle school, but not a senior/third year (which would be ages 14-15). Gin is the youngest at 12. Here I’ve settled on 14.

Is your turn to die over?

Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- (Kimi ga Shine) is a freeware negotiation/horror/adventure game by Nankidai made in RPG Maker MV. Currently, it goes up to Chapter 3, Part One (Section A). It will be released a part at a time.

Does Joe die in YTTD?

YTTD- Joe Tazuna Death.

How old is Keiji?

So Keiji only uses it for girls who are younger than him. Reko is 23, and since he just calls Reko by her name without any honorifics, I think Keiji would have to be younger than 23, but older than 20. So between 20-23 is his age.

Is Your Turn die free?

Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- (Kimi ga Shine) is a freeware negotiation/horror/adventure game by Nankidai made in RPG Maker MV. Currently, it goes up to Chapter 2, Part Two. It will be released a part at a time.