Quick Answer: What Is Knock On Wood Urban Dictionary?

How do you use knock on wood in a sentence?

knock on wood in a sentenceI know he came out of it real good, knock on wood.Any time anyone says something good about me, I knock on wood.So you just knock on wood that the spine stays in line.Nothing has gone wrong in days .



It was an assertion made quietly, accompanied by a knock on wood.More items….

Why do you touch your head when you say touch wood?

In many cultures, it’s a common superstition for people to knock their knuckles on a piece of wood to bring themselves good fortune or ward off bad luck. … One common explanation traces the phenomenon to ancient pagan cultures such as the Celts, who believed that spirits and gods resided in trees.

How many times are you supposed to knock on wood?

People do not actually believe knocking three times on a piece of wood will really protect them, but it is a social habit and it is polite to do so to demonstrate that one doesn’t want that bad thing one is talking about to actually happen.

What are knocks?

1. to strike a sounding blow, as in seeking admittance, calling attention, or giving a signal. 2. to strike in collision; bump: to knock into a table. 3. to make a pounding noise: The car’s engine is knocking badly. 4. Informal. to find fault.

Why do we say touch wood?

It derives from the pagan belief that malevolent spirits inhabited wood, and that if you expressed a hope for the future you should touch, or knock on, wood to prevent the spirits from hearing and presumably preventing your hopes from coming true.

What does knock on wood mean slang?

knock on wood = to rap on something made of wood. (Said as a wish for good luck. … The phrase “knock on wood” is used as a saying of warding off bad luck or wishing for good luck to continue.

Why do we knock 3 times?

3 is the shortest number of repeated beats that you can put in succession to imply a consistent, and most importantly, intentional rhythm. Hearing two knocks could easily be misconstrued as a random noise, as things that fall tend to bounce a bit and smack again.

How do you use the word Touchwood?

You can say ‘ touch wood’ in British English, or ‘ knock on wood’ in American English, to indicate that you hope to have good luck in something you are doing, usually after saying that you have been lucky with it so far. She’s never even been to the doctor’s, touch wood.

What does knocking someone mean?

transitive to hit someone very hard, so that they fall or become unconscious. knock someone to/off/over/down: They knocked him to the ground. The force was powerful enough to knock him off balance.

What is a narc?

slang. : a person (such as a government agent) who investigates narcotics violations.

Who sings Knock 3 * on the ceiling?

Tony Orlando and DawnKnock Three Times/Artists

Why do we knock the door before entering the room?

Knocking before you enter allows others to maintain control over their territory. However, some bosses knock and walk right in – before they get a reply. Even though they knock before entering, they are acting as if the worker’s permission is not necessary.

What is knock slang for?

British slang to have sexual intercourse with (a person) knock a person into the middle of next week informal to hit a person with a very heavy blow. knock one’s head against to have a violent or unpleasant encounter with (adverse facts or circumstances)