Quick Answer: Can Jiren Beat Darkseid?

Can Thanos beat Beerus?

Originally Answered: Could Thanos defeat Beerus, the G.O.D.

(God of Destruction).

If thanos has the infinity gauntlet, it’s an instant loss for Beerus.

If he doesn’t, beerus will win.

Beerus destroys planets easily; he’s a cosmic entity..

Did Batman kill Darkseid?

Escaping confinement in Command D, Batman uses the radion bullet to mortally wound Darkseid, while Darkseid in turn kills Batman with his Omega Beams. … Although physically bested, Darkseid’s dying essence is still dragging all of reality into nothingness along with it.

Can Lord Beerus beat Superman?

Beerus is much more powerful and Superman has no way to resist Hakai. Superman may have greater speed, but he can’t dodge a universal AoE. Regardless if it’s manga or animr Beerus,most forms of Superman lose this anyway.

Can Beerus beat Darkseid?

If you’re talking about the normal darkseid that’s on apokolips then beerus stomps. Darkseid has a true form though that’s actually him. … Beerus has no chance in defeating this guy.

Can Goku beat Darkseid?

Goku is likely to win. Darkseid is very powerful but he rarely become more and more powerful like the saiyan. Throughout the Dragon Ball series, Goku became more and more powerful. He is currently at a level that can fight some of the most powerful opponents in the DB universes.

Who is darkseid afraid of?

[From Mister Miracle #9 by Jack Kirby] Yeah, Darkseid is a repudiation of totalitarianism and fascism (but especially totalitarianism).

Can whis beat Superman?

Their difference in power is comparable to a house cat vs a Lion. No matter how you wanna slice the cake, Whis would destroy Superman with little effort. Hands down.

Would hakai work on doomsday?

Hakai literally erase people from existence. Doomsday wouldn’t come back from this.

Can Beerus Beat Galactus?

Best chance of Beerus is to use his Divine Magic and god Ki and perform Hakai, the only problem is Galactus is a cosmic entity and has the Power of Cosmic which bends reality. Hakai can erase but bending reality can rewrite. So theirs really nothing Beerus can do to Galactus.

Can Thor beat Darkseid?

9 LOSE: Darkseid He has superhuman speed and strength, and once fought Zeus to a standstill. Thor would certainly be thwarted by Darkseid. This fearsome villain would be able to drain the lifeforce from him, and even his godly weaponry doesn’t seem like it could withstand Darkseid’s Omega Beams.

Can Goku kill Thanos?

Goku might be faster and more powerful, but even that power won’t be able to do much damage to Thanos. Thanos also has incredibly powerful telepathy which Goku has zero resistence to, as telepathy doesn’t exist in Dragon Ball.

Who can beat Darkseid?

Hence, the reason they’re a few more heroes everyone forgets defeated Darkseid.1 Batman. One of the most shocking characters to defeat the monstrous Darkseid has to be Batman.2 Orion. … 3 Highfather. … 4 Aquaman. … 5 The Flash. … 6 Legion Of Super-Heroes. … 7 Green Arrow. … 8 The Atom. … More items…•

Can Jiren beat doomsday?

Jiren wins the first fight, Doomsday beats him the rest. Once Jiren hurts him/kills him, Doomsday would adapt, and instantly become his equal, if not greater. It’s just how Doomsday is. No beating him unless you have Reality warping abilities.

Can Broly beat doomsday?

DBZ Broly is pretty strong, and so is Doomsday. At first Broly would be easily destroy Doomsday. … He will instantly kill Doomsday, which is bad, because Doomsday will come back stronger and immune to the way he killed him. Although it will take a him a while to get to Broly’s level, he will eventually get there.