Question: How Do You Express Waiting?

Can’t wait for that day to come meaning?

(for something (to happen)) to be very eager, as if to be unable to endure the wait for something to happen.

I am so eager for my birthday to come.

I just can’t wait..

Can Wait meaning?

used for saying that something does not need to be done now​/​needs to be done now. I need to talk to you and I’m afraid it can’t wait. Synonyms and related words. +

What is the meaning of I can’t wait?

: to be very excited about doing something or eager for something to happen or begin I can’t wait to try your apple pie.

Can’t wait no longer meaning?

used for saying that a situation has ended or someone has stopped doing something. She couldn’t wait any longer.

What can I say instead of I can’t wait?

can’t wait / synonymscannot wait. very eager.eagerly anticipate. v.can hardly unable to endure the unable to very impatient.find it unbearable to wait for.More items…

Can’t wait to get started meaning?

If you say that you can’t wait to do something or can hardly wait to do it, you are emphasizing that you are very excited about it and eager to do it. [spoken, emphasis] We can’t wait to get started.

Can’t wait to hear from you meaning?

@Ladysmart: it means “I look forward to hearing from you.” the other person waiting is either being left or the other person has been gone for a while.

Can I see you or can I meet you?

Quick answer: Use MEET for the first time you see someone or when you are seeing them because you have plans or an appointment. Use SEE for all other situations.

What is a word for waiting for something to happen?

1 await, linger, abide, delay.

How do you say can’t wait to see you?

Well, this list of ‘I can’t wait to see you’ quotes knows no label!”I really miss you and just can’t wait to be in your arms again.””I can’t wait to see you, babe. … “I can’t wait to see you. … “A day without a loved one is like a thousand years of bondage.”More items…•

Can’t wait to see you all meaning?

to be very excited about something and eager to do or experience it: I can’t wait to see you.

Can’t wait to eat meaning?

“I can’t wait for dinner” (not “I can’t be waiting”) is a set expression, not to be taken literally. It doesn’t mean that you will die of starvation in the next few seconds. It may mean that you’re very hungry—or that dinner promises to be delicious, and you’re eagerly looking forward to enjoying it.

Can’t wait to see you again synonym?

“Synonyms for I can’t wait to see you again” (accessed January 25, 2021)….List search.3»i’m counting down the days exp.2»i’ve been thinking of you exp.2»i can’t stop thinking about you exp.2»i can’t wait to be with you again exp.17 more rows

Can not wait or Cannot wait?

I can’t hardly wait = Incorrect (but see “Long Answer,” below) Hardly is an adverb that means barely, scarcely, or almost not. I can hardly wait means that you almost can’t wait—in other words, you are very excited about something and don’t want to wait for it.

Can’t wait to see you soon meaning?

How do I eliminate the ambiguity of the phrase “I can’t wait to see you.”? … The “can’t wait to” part is a longstanding English idiomatic expression meaning so very eager (to see, to eat, to fly, to do something) that the person is raring to go do it (i.e. cannot literally wait any longer).

Can’t wait to watch it meaning?

Be very eager, anxious, or impatient, as in We can’t wait for the baseball season to begin or I can’t wait to see Dad—it’s been a year. While the literal sense of being unable to wait (for lack of time) is much older, this figurative usage dates only from about 1930.