Are John B And Sarah Dead?

Does John B get away?

John B escapes, but Ward sends the Royal Merchant gold, which he stored in a house in town, on a private plane headed for the Bahamas.

It comes to light that Ward and Big John, the missing father of John B, had searched for the loot together..

How did Sarah survive John B?

You’re happy John B and Sarah survived a boat wreck, but they did it at the expense of everyone else. That’s basically the theme of the show.

Does John B end up with Sarah?

Sarah manages to catch him as he passes by another port and decides to join him on his escape. Together, they decide to head off to Mexico and possibly come back when his name is cleared or stay there forever as they start a new life together.

Does John B kill Sarah’s dad?

Highly abusive father Ward Cameron, yeah, well let’s state the obvious: he kills -or doesn’t do anything to save- John B’s father, he frames John B for a murder he did not commit, he steals the gold, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Do Sarah and John B hook up?

Putting the contemporary knowledge that the two are now an Instagram official couple aside, John B and Sarah’s romance heats up at a surprisingly fast clip. In fact, at the start of Outer Banks, all evidence suggests that John B is destined to hook up with fellow Pogue Kiara (Madison Bailey).

Do they find John B’s dad?

In Episode 8, a flashback reveals that Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) and Big John had been working on finding the Royal Merchant together. … Believing he was dead, Ward pushed Big John’s body overboard. However, we later learn that John B’s dad actually survived and washed up on a nearby island, à la Castaway.

Does Ward get caught in Outer Banks?

As the first season of Outer Banks nears its climax, John B. attempts to stop Ward’s plane from taking off by parking his van at the end of the runway. Sheriff Peterkin then shows up to arrest Ward. … Ward’s drugged-up son, Rafe (Drew Starkey), kills Peterkin, and Ward manages to pin the murder on John B.

Do they find out Rafe killed the sheriff?

He’s not successful and John B escapes. After a fight with the Pogues in the hanger, Barry makes it clear to Rafe that “he owns him now” after finding out he killed Sheriff Peterkin.

Does JJ and Kiara end up together?

If you finished Outer Banks on Netflix thinking, “Wow, I really ship Kiara and JJ,” you’re not alone. In fact, there’s an entire hive of people out there who want them to date, even though Pope is in love with Kiara and the two shared a kiss in the season one finale.

What episode does John B die?

Things really came to a head in Episode 8, “The Runaway.” After a disastrous encounter with Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) aboard the family yacht, John B learned the terrible truth about his father. Big John really did die at sea, and it was all Ward’s fault.

Does Ward kill John B?

Instead of paternal bonding, it suddenly transpires that Ward has more sinister intentions in mind, and attempts to attack John B after he refuses his offer to help find the treasure together. … She is shot dead by Ward’s son (and Sarah’s brother) – Rafe Cameron.